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10 / 12 / 2008

Project is over!

The project is now over and it has been rewarded of a 20.90/20. Such a grade is a result of our long term dedication. We keep the leadership by digging further the gap between us and the promotion, composed of 55 projects.

The Fooo Team will be back on the second year project!

07 / 02 / 2008

Last Presentation

The last presentation went really well. We hope our work and dedication will please the jury and are looking forward the results that should be announced within the next few weeks.

A beta version of the game is available. For any bugs or suggestions, you are always welcome to send us a mail. A final version is going to be shipped soon.

06 / 13 / 2008

Development is ending ...

The development of "Project: HGF" is coming to it's end, the Fooo Team is working hard in order to show off next tuesday a complete and playable game! A lot of new features has been added to the game since the last presentation as you may see in the following screenshots.

Wait a few more days to get the final release of the game, a lot of surprises will be revealed!

fooo fooo fooo

05 / 15 / 2008

Third presentation summary

Last May 6th was the third time we had to present our project in front of the jury, and in spite of some technical issues, the overall presentation went well.

The jury though the same way and proved it by giving us once more the best grade of all projects! We got 19.17 this time, which makes an average grade of 18.70. This ranks us on the top, and even 0.6 points above the second group.

As usual, every executable, sources and report files are available in the download section.

Finally, as far as school is concerned, the project is due on June 17th. Logically, the release candidate 1.0 should be available on that day. A few additional screenshots are also available in the game section of our site so you can wait for that time.

fooo fooo fooo

fooo fooo

05 / 01 / 2008


Some news for the begining of May:

  • Our Team got 18.21/20 for the second presentation of our project (which ranks us third for this presentation and first for the average).

  • The German and Spanish versions of the website are now online! Thanks to our young translation team for their wonderful work!

  • The third presentation is approaching and the Fooo Team is working hard. As proof, we have released ONE new screenshot!


03 / 10 / 2008

Second presentation

Let's have a little review of the project, after just going in front of the jury:

screenshot screenshot

Most of the work was compiling each member's work together, thanks to a SubVersion software (SVN), we can now work together on the same files. Here is the list of features added since the first presentation:

  • 3D engine:
    • Switched to Vertex Array
    • Rewritten models for loading and display
  • Interface:
    • Animation and colour of the pointer
    • Rewritten fonts display, and switched to Vertex Array
    • Used Lua and XML to load and display the interface
    • Set text display and added chatbox
  • Data organisation:
    • Included all the features in the main game
    • Units creation
    • Multiple selection
    • Displayed selected unit proprieties
    • Units can move and attack
    • Saving groups of units
    • Units following
    • Skills usage
    • Buildings creation
  • Network:
    • Included all the features in the main game
    • Switching from Indy to Winsock
    • Switching from TPC to UDP
    • Multi-client managment on a non-dedicated server
    • Chat between all the connected clients
    • Creating units throught the network
    • Damages throught the network
  • Pathfinding:
    • Debugged and improved the A* algorithm
    • Included the algorithm in the main game

Executables and sources are available in the downloads section.

01 / 27 / 2008

A few bits of news at Fooo's

Three important bits of news from the Fooo Team and its website today:

  • The English version of Fooo's website is finally available! To switch languages, click on the little flag at the top menu.

  • The release of EpiPub ads system: made by Banban, our PR guy, and 3on, from the Freedom fries group. This system allows EPITA's groups to display random bans of other projects' websites. To signup, fill in the form on EpiPub's website.

  • Lastly, congratulations all round: Fooo Team arrived top of their year for the first presentation with a 18.72/20 mark, which is really encouraging us to keep working hard on this project.

01 / 11 / 2008

First Presentation Review

The first presentation has been perfectly executed, we managed to talk about everything we wanted. Even though 15 minutes is too short and really not enough to go into enough detail about all everything we've made.

The written report (in french) has been added to the download section of the website along with the executables and sources of the current developments in the project.

01 / 07 / 2008

First Presentation Coming Soon

The first presentation is upcoming, so here is a short preview of who made what in the project.

  • Félix built an option configuration tool aswell as a unit editor which is going to let us add content to the game as easily as clicking a mouse. He also made a game simulator where you can control every unit aspect from creation to destruction: position, movement, and abilities of two or more players can be handled. It will be added into the game in a later process of the development.

  • Vizigr0u is in charge of the unit movement. He made a program, based on the pathfinding algorithm A*, that displays the fastest path between two points A and B. The algorithm is currently being tweaked in order to fits the game's needs.

  • Banban is our PR guy, his job involves a lot of things to do with the website, the goodies like the fooo shirts, the trailer movie etc. As a coder, he worked on the basics of a network engine. In its current state, it allows multiples clients to connect to a server and send text messages.

  • Vjeux is working on the 3D engine and the interface. He is currently loading a randomly-texturised ground and texturised 3D models. He made a picking algorithm to select units, the ability to move on the map using either the keyboard or the mouse, and a 2D interface.

For more details, see the game section for screenshots and the download section for getting executables and sources.

Lastly, a small trailer introducing the game and starring the Fooo Team. It will be broadcasted during the presentation:

01 / 05 / 2008

Fooo Team website finally released!

Fooo Team website finally up and running!

Here you'll find here the lastest news about the yearly project of these four students from EPITA (Graduate School of Computer Science and Advanced Technologies, Paris France). The project consists in making a 3D real time strategy game (RTS). On this website you'll find a presentation about the game, the Development Team, and a downloads section with the game, the soures (delphi) and even more.